What are my real gifts?



Each person has a point in life where he or she is challenged beyond what he/she senses capable of.  Trying to find one’s natural talents in life is not what we dreamed it would be at times.   We all have them for some it’s a mathematical gift the ability to keep the numbers straight, know what he/she spent, recording what the next spending should or should not be.  In my experience of several years, it’s working with children of many ages and sociolinguistic groups.  Together the teacher sets the learning objectives for her unique group of students, and together we learn whether or not the steps we took went well to facilitate their learning.  For the lawyer, it’s researching, finding evidence, knowing the facts to develop the strongest argument.  

Taking the role of the observer, for just a few months after teaching a year ago, I notice and I even question my own talents with the absence of a “hired role.”  Each becomes an observer at his or her own life and determines to look at all that is happening around to make a judgement on how one’s life is developing or not developing. For several months, I was guided into a dramatic and lifestyle changing remodel project to avoid moving and renovate our place to a more “energy efficient and artistically craftsman constructed home.”  That design and plan looks very different to every homeowner couple.

In the course of several months, we didn’t have a kitchen to cook in nor a place to write in.  Cooking for me is my passion in the evening; my husband and I both love new recipes.  We love to eat new dishes and our three children each have an appetite that calls out for the savory, salty, and of course, sweet!  

I began to miss my hundreds of new Spanish students.  Without my middle school Spanish students, there wouldn’t be any new faces to love.  Each week we would gather to sing “el alfabeto en español” or have students teach each other numbers 0-100.  I was missing and am missing that, for me, that was my “walking on water moment.”  Even though I was missing the years at school and my tidy home where everything had its proper room and place, I began to look forward to another leap of faith, my talents, and greater direction.  I asked, “Can God find new talents and develop other talents in an individual that he or she didn’t know he or she had because the tools and the position I have to work with, is foreign and very different to me?”  I have learned that he can and he will for each of us, but this doesn’t mean that he will change us completely.  However, he will add to us if we acknowledge the purpose he fulfills in the believer’s life.

How about you; do you recognize your God given abilities, and have you seen them changing in the recent years?  If so, continue to follow with me on our faith journeys.   



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