Yosemite National Park 2016

We use these expressions all the time: you’ve got to have faith, you must trust or believe, or hope.  It is everyday one must recognize that life is going to depend on so much more than our own personal strengths and effort.  I am a young woman, well not so young but graying woman;), with a potpourri of life experiences.  My life is one that has been anchored in one definition.  I look at my experiences and relate life to this “faith definition,” and the word I most desire to describe it as is faithful.  Let my journey be one of faith.  I am sure you could agree to a time when you said the same about your life.

My first experience surfing taught me that you can not endeavor to surf, to swim through life, without preparation.  In La Jolla, California last summer, I realized a surfer doesn’t merely go out into the deep water with a nine foot board to surf.  Enjoying the surf requires a great suit, a good instructor to explain and show technique, and most of all waves! Even the surf board itself could break the surfer’s fingers my instructor had explained if the wave hit in a particularly dangerous way.

My experiences are varied, and at heart I am an educator of bilingual and language learners, a wife, mommy, and a “newly” aspiring writer, but most of all I am a woman nurturing a Christian family and my own faith in a mighty God.

As you browse this expanding site, my hope is that with your life’s journey you will be able to believe more, change more, and become more of who you were meant to  be.  I pray you will grow to be more prepared to swim in faith with confidence and the preparation of God’s word.  To all that read and believe God’s word: “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37 (NIV)