To Everlasting



The wearied soul does not sleep

He does not find a moments rest

For, he has not done enough

The man made law has put him to test

Nor has he collected all his treasures yet


A test of love and faith and truth

This test was Not

The test was lust, flesh, and want

Again led to fall short of his own needs


To these that wait in faith, love, and truth

A lively Kingdom awaits

Murders, drunkenness, and hatred has no place

Taking the hand of another here

Time to hear, laugh, and deeply care


Let the days we share now be called


They aren’t moments, months, or years

but Everlasting

The one, Everlasting Joy and the other

Everlasting Hate

Sweet and Salty Prayers


Have you tried it?  We are offered all kinds of tastes and treats.  The candies, snacks, pops and beverages, and treats for a Pre-K student, elementary, high school or adult goes through each week are rich and draw the taste buds for more.  Looking back at this week, the tastes were just as important for the younger as they were for the older.  In Pre-K the Moms and Muffins day brought the delight of  muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, and orange juice.  The older we got, we moved to baseball snacks from the concessions like the saltier ones and more energetic kinds like popcorn and sports drinks.  The high school  youngster made his own salty snack of choice with half a bag of tortilla chips, shredded cheddar cheese, torn tortillas, and all mixed in to be microwaved for a minute or so to melt the cheese.  He had to also take a bottle of pop with him to school also for some of the caramel colors and sweeteners as well!   On a day out, we parents didn’t fail to choose coffee, excellent chocolate, and a chai tea latte to end our afternoon lunch experience.  Each of these treats were momentary delights all worth the temporary indulgence.

Prayer, like these tastes and treats, has a delight that may seem to last for only that moment of prayer, but if we could think for a moment of the expanse of the prayer world, as well as the life long lasting effect, we would be going to God in prayer as often or more often like we would our favorite snacks.  Caring about another, our world, our country, our own families, and our very own friends could be shared more from the heart.  God and Jesus the Savior,  act in kindness, goodness, and faithfulness seeking that all may come to the knowledge of the saving grace offered but also the delight and expanse of the offer.  The action of one asking and caring already has an effect because of the compassion and love it already holds.  Even more powerful than that is to carry that prayer to the All knowing and All powerful creator who can take as many requests at a time as He wills.

What if we went to God the Father, and in the name of the Lord Jesus, with a different attitude, so maybe we have disappointment, and we shared that with him.  Wouldn’t he want to hear his child’s cry for help or one in need of a Savior?  It seems there is no need to cover up our requests and take them to the one who cares.

“You desire but do not have, so you kill.  You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight.  You do not have because you do not ask God.”  James 4:2 (N.I.V.)





Not quitting but developing

heart-700141_960_720Have you ever experienced a relationship or complicated life situation that did not seem to have the positive momentum to flow in a peaceful and harmonious rhythm?

The effort to exist within a circumstance exceeds the effort to give up?  In human life I see this potential to happen fairly easily when one only looks at the immediate circumstance.  The problem with that is I may not see the minimum effort it takes to hang in there that could make the overall outcome greatly improving with restoration and repair.  

With faith, there is always a positive reaction- there is a choice during minor life inconveniences and distractions that can positively improve with time like in the case of a new move, school changes, reduction of finances, transition of a child/children to teenage years, or in my case, a remodel project.  One must ask him or herself the question, if I have a purely faith centered focus during this time to endure, could that be enough to change these minimal inconveniences?  If the answer is yes, then the choice should always be to endure.  This is a climbing companion for someone experiencing a difficult climb on an exciting but wearying journey.

Enduring the journey becomes the first choice one has to make between Himself or herself and God.  I choose God; I choose to try faith and effort.  God can change him, her, they, them, and me.  I can instead pray, draw close, ask forgiveness, ask to start over.  It is beyond you or me, so I choose to pray and not only seek help and support from God but also be willing if needed to ask another for advice, be patient to wait and move out but seek reconciliation, seek friendship, seek Christian love.  Christian love and friendship goes beyond a romance; it says we will work through our differences and let God work in ways that my heart needs to change.

“One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard: “Power belongs to you, God.”  Proverbs 62:11  

Life is complicated; we all agree.   The effort to make inconveniences productive in relationships requires faith.  If you are still putting forth the effort like I am and expecting greater answers to prayers, keep up with that!  There is more for us to see.