Brighten your night


Fear is what we need to turn around

The fear that captivates the mind

Liking to take hold of you as if the evil of this dark world has already won

Society has its ills; there is no doubting this

There is  a need to call out societies’ troubles as humanity

Do we take the time to look at our own personal fears

Lingering on the evil that is present

Why not face fear and say “No” you will not have control over me?

Would we rather run towards fear of not believing,

Leaving the hatred, the negative power that is created by the Origin of darkness.


Beautifying, illuminating fear is in contrast

The fear of God

This God of the beginnings and Mightiness does not promise

One simple gift and offer a substitute that lacks faithfulness and longevity

Fearing God instead brings inner fears relieved

Promises that if I am seeking God, I am trusting in spiritual provision

Why not fear God and say “I am going to run to a true light source not an imitation”

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  John 1:5












Holding Future Thoughts


Where does abiding steadfastness come from for this day of production, speed, and more knowledge than ever before?  The waves of the internet are hotter than the heat off of a steam engine.  In every one of life’s minutes, according to Business Insider’s article, “15 Things that Happen on the Internet every Minute,” by Brandt Ranj, 1,041,666 videos are played by Vine users and 1,736,111 Instagram posts receive a 💗 each minute. As the speed of information advances many people believe that they are being left behind.  The human spirit’s natural bent is to strive to do more, give more, succeed and show what one is able to accomplish.  Steadfastness of heart is not to be quickly defined by one who succeeds; it is never measured simply by success.  For the faint of heart and the overly stimulated by information overload, maybe one need consider the light of true illumination.

Fear of God rather than fear of success and to be in the constant “know” puts the mind at rest.  If one is constantly running to the information station without much mind to the source of true light and joy, he or she will increasingly become detached from not only meaningful social interactions and thoughts of spiritual matters.  The overall benefit from the true rays of hope and joy that are brought by not only reading the truth of the Bible, believing it’s content, but realizing the Maker of this world has a great plan.  This source of light brings inner fears relieved, and a promise that if I am seeking the Lord and Jesus, the chosen Messiah from the start of creation, he will provide for me especially the illumination of what choices one must make for true spiritual fulfillment.

The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. Psalms 25:14 (N.I.V.)

This seeking for information can become toilsome, but the refreshing of the soul by God is rejuvenating and inspiring.  Have you taken a fresh look at God’s words to you?  May a fresh new look at God give you and I great faith.