Culminating Champions


We are humanly comparative, analogous, and often seeking to not only compare our years to an earlier year maybe the younger years of more prosperity, better health, and general happiness.  When one compares each year, one also rates oneself many times in an all out fallacy of accomplishments.  One either achieved or did not achieve.  On the flip side, this reasoning is not one of champions.  A culminating champion always reviews his or her year end stats and competitors, and one seeking to continue, the next season or year, seeks personal fulfillment and personal improvement.

One can see this in the past year’s comparisons during the summer 2016 Olympics with both highly skilled athletes Usain Bolt  and Michael Phelps.  The hot button questions were: “Who’s career would you rather have?” or “Who is the better athlete?”  Well, if this is the comparison, one must think Michael Phelps has won more gold medals than any other Olympian, but yet, Usain Bolt is still compared to him as the world’s fastest man and greatest sprinter.  This comparison does not seem necessary.

Aside from the obvious comparisons of last year, for any champion life has spills and disappointments.  The wise choice is to make the disappointments with self less often than the personal commitment to go towards the personal goals.  The next year can be a renewed personal commitment to follow God, Jesus, and his personal standard of my unique talents and abilities.  Next year, comparing oneself to all of those far exceeding one’s set of skills would be crushing and defeating.

As one improving on your talents, is that true of you too?  Intending to measure my own personal improvements, I need to set the correct standard to measure my success with, and then, that is the direction I can take.  



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