Dream on that for a while



A dream allows one to see past a problem and to construct the dream that is a size too difficult to  conceptualize.  The dream can be even too large for our own imaginations.  During our remodel process, I was hoping for the effort to be useful for a purpose even greater than my own needs maybe to help someone else to tackle their own pain staking adventure or to create a place of retreat for a lonely or tired friend that needed the feeling of a relaxation and a breath of fresh air.

For this reason among with the overall creativity and functionality of the hoped finished project, the walls came down, the boxes were packed and moved out, trim detail was constructed among doors, window detail and all.  What a large scale project this had become!  Could we have moved?  Should we have moved?  Of course one can always move, but that was not the decision we chose so we needed to work with the demolition we had created.

When we discussed expanding the kitchen, we could have talked about all of the drywall that would be missing from the ceiling.  Each of these pieces would require us to engage fully with a dream that would take several steps and several people to be involved.  This should not have seen so new to us since we had already built this house once, after our first son was born, with all kinds of construction help needed then.

The project which initially only required a carpenter now required multiple carpenters, painters, movers, heating and air-conditioner experts, plumbers, and home decorators.  So, our dream had expanded as our kitchen and closet design expanded.  We needed better heating, air, and water systems as well that had to be updated.  It seemed when one job was complete and an area appeared it could be moved back into, another job would take place in its path.

Now, the project is not fully accomplished, but it is getting there and more than 90% along.  When you look at the size of the task, and the plan doesn’t appear to be captured by your imagination, I try to imagine it at least in a written or picture form.  Now, although remembering the level of stress during the task, I can see how this built patience in myself and our family.  I can also see how a dream of this kind but more importantly a spiritual dream can begin by seeing a problem exists and arriving at multiple conversations and a consorted effort of a team to accomplish the “God sized” dream.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21 (N.I.V.)

It  may be often that you or I notice that a problem exists, this experience like many others, continues to artistically remind me that great solutions come with great dreaming and God’s forming of our plans.  Do you have any God given dreams that you would like to consider? I hope that you and I will take all of our plans and dream on them for a while.

















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